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Finding a psychologist

As of Monday September 14th the Victorian State Government has opened several new mental health clinics to assist in meeting the demand for psychological services during the COVID-19 pandemic called Head To Help. The service is run through one localised phone contact - 1800 595 212. Further information can be found via their website here.

There are several ways you can find a psychologist in your area. Listed below are some ways, however please be aware that there is currently a large demand on the mental health sector and regrettably wait lists are common.

Speak to your GP/Psychiatrist

Your referrer (GP or Psychiatrist) may know several different practitioners in the area they can recommend to you. They may also know who has more capacity at the moment to take on new clients. If you are unable to secure an appointment with your preferred or referred practitioner please speak to your referrer about alternate options.

Online Search

An online search for practitioners in your area will give you some options who you can contact directly and enquire whether they are taking on new clients and/or whether there are any waiting periods. 

Australian Psychological Society Search

The Australian Psychological Society website has an online database of it's members. You can search by area or issue and be provided with a list of practitioners who you can contact. The link for the website is here.

Australian Association of Psychologists Inc. Search

The Australian Association of Psychologists also has an online directory of their members which you can search by location, issue and Telehealth availability. The link for their website is here.

Online Health Databases

There are several online databases of health practitioners and these also frequently list psychologists. These include search engines such as:





Talking to children about COVID-19

Child Mind Institute - Article here

National Association of School Psychologists & National Association of School Nurses - Handout here

Managing Anxiety

Australian Psychological Society Handout - here

Managing Mental Health during Isolation

Australian Psychological Society Handout - here

Coronavirus Anxiety and Older Adults

Australian Psychological Society Handout - here

*In an emergency, please contact 000 and request Police or Ambulance assistance*

Support Services

Telephone and Online Counselling

Beyond Blue



Suicide Line Victoria

Family Violence Support

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

Safe Steps


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